Karras Medical, Inc. is dedicated to products associated in the Anesthesia market segment with a focus on airway management, warming systems for adult and pediatrics, monitoring and anesthesia workstations..


Mennen Medical

(Maryland, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina)

MTRE is a medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets Innovative non-invasive solutions for body temperature control. MTRE(TM)  is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing an ever-increasing line of non-invasive solutions based on its proprietary human body temperature management technology, targeting those important clinical necessities that until now have remained largely untapped.

Allon Control Unit

Compact, efficient, and easy to use, the Allon control unit plugs into any standard wall outlet and uses regular tap water. Its portable design allows easy transportation according to the diverse needs of each medical facility and each procedure. Review additional information by reading more.

Cardiac ThermoWrap®  

The nature of cardiac surgery significantly increases the likelihood of intraoperative hypothermia. A new Cardiac ThermoWrap® was designed to manage these unique challenges. Cardiac ThermoWrap® enables you to maintain patient temperature at true normothermia during surgery, without interfering with the sterilized field. By making it possible for the physician to reach the desired temperature set point, the Cardiac ThermoWrap® has been proven more effective in temperature control than any other method available. Review additional information by reading more.

Pediatric and Infant ThermoWrap®  

Maintaining a patient’s temperature during perioperative procedures is essential, especially when the patient is a child. The Pediatric and Infant ThermoWrap® is designed to fit the proportions of your young patient and wraps around the entire body, without interfering with the sterilized area of operation. Review additional information by reading more.


Summit Medical

(Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia)


The ambIT® electronic pain pump provides another option for ambulatory infusion therapy with improved accuracy versus elastomeric pumps. It offers lower cost alternatives and models are available for pain management in a PCA, PreSet and Military versions.  The ambIT® pump can also be customized for each facility. In addition, models are available for oncology and chronic pain.  See more.....



Waterloo Healthcare

(Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia)

Waterloo Healthcare is the most well-known and trusted medical cart manufacturer in the United States. We have been manufacturing medical carts for over 40 years and are known for our full-range of medical carts including:

Anesthesia Carts

The Anesthesia Carts are commonly used Anesthesia Cart configurations. All Anesthesia Carts can be customized for no surcharge. Different heights, widths, drawer sizes, lock options and colors are available to choose from. Read more.

New at Waterloo is the Lightweight Aluminum Cart featuring the U-Divide™ drawer divider system included in every drawer to assist with cart savings.  Read more


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