Products are used in multiple wound care levels and supportive of the wound care clinician to support their efforts with improved patient care.


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Vein Center Procedure Pak Compression Stockings

Designed, Packaged and Priced Exclusively for Vein Practices.

Multi-Layer Wrap Compression System

Advanced compression sleeve and wrap combine to provide accurate and sustained compression with unique features specifically designed to treat: Venous leg ulcers, Venous edema and Lymphedema. Read more

Multi Layer Stocking System with Cupron Enhance Copper Yarn Technology

Fabric made with copper oxide impregnated yarn has been shown to kill odor causing bacteria and fungi and improve skin performance. It is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin.  Read more….

Health Support

A complete line of health support hosiery for men and women.  Read more….


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Silverlon® Island Wound Dressings and Silverlon® Wound Pad Dressings are indicated for the management of infected wounds, as the silver in the dressing provides an antimicrobial barrier that may be helpful in managing these wounds. In addition, the moist wound healing environment and control of wound bacteria within the Silverlon® Island Wound Dressing and Silverlon® Wound Pad Dressing may help reduce the risk of wound infection and support the body's healing process. Silverlon® Island Wound Dressings and Silverlon® Wound Pad Dressing's non-adherent wound contact layer reduces pain during dressing changes and evaporation of moisture in the dressing may soothe the wound.





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